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Scoping and Characterization of Contaminated Site

At Brant, we undertake three main phases in a site feasibility study, which can be tailored to fit with specific project approval gateway stages.

Preliminary Site Feasibility Study
Using our GIS data management and analysis to undertake desk-based research and review, we understand site potential and consider opportunities, constraints and risks such as policy and regulation, site sensitivity, (ecology, landscape
features, hydrology and drainage), infrastructure and access.

Detailed Site Assessment and Initial Design Study
A more detailed review taking forward sites with the greatest potential. This stage would include such activities as site visit, surveys, and stakeholder consultation to inform initial site design reflecting known constraints and provide preliminary estimates of return in line with project objectives.

Basic Financial Viability Review
Based on the above a financial viability report can be developed working with the client team and taking into account the overall project objectives.