Manpower development

Finding the right people for our client is our business, this is why we are always focused on delivering employees well fit to meet our clients’ goals. Our established network of qualified candidates makes the whole process faster and easier. Whatever your project needs;

  • Brant Technologies delivers in the following portfolios;
  • Recruitment Services
  • Staff Training and Coordination
  • Mobilization and Demobilization of Staff
  • Work Permits
  • Payroll, taxes and insurance management
  • Transport, housing and logistics arrangement

BRANT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED provides manpower development services through human resources development. We help organizations to provide adequate human resources to achieve their current and future organizational objectives.

We provide responsible management and response to the training and development of workers as essential ingredients for corporate growth and productivity. We develop appropriate management techniques suited to meet our client’s requirement. We are a reliable contractor for the provision
of human resource needs in various areas, ranging from;

  • Development of Human Resource Strategies
  • Training of new employees as they are employed
  • Recruitment and management of skilled & unskilled workers
  • Management of Community Labour
  • Provision of Hardware/Software expertise tailored for your project
  • Outsourcing of Expatriate Staff