Modelling Fate and Transport of Subsurface Contaminants

Development of a conceptual site model is key to creating a sound strategy to address environmental issues in soil and ground water.

BRANT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED goal in the use of fate and transport modeling is to provide a comprehensive and cohesive conceptual site model to aid your business in making sound
environmental decisions. While it’s fairly easy to get a model to calibrate, the true value lies in whether that model reflects reality, and that’s where our experience and expertise comes in.

BRANT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED has used 2D and 3D ground-water flow and ground water particle tracking and solute transport
models to define flow paths, aquifer connectivity, lateral and vertical plume extents, and predictive simulations to ensure potential receptors (wells, lakes, and buildings) are not threatened.

BRANT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED has acquired state of the art software solutions which her technical team and software engineers utilize collaboratively for modelling fate and transport of contaminant in soil and groundwater media. Some of the software solutions include Groundwater Vistas, Groundwater Modelling Systems, Visual Mod flow, Voxler and Rockworks, etc.