Hydrology and hydrogeological

BRANT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED offers comprehensive hydrology and hydrogeological services, including early-stage field investigations to detail design to long-term monitoring.
Our team combines specialist technical skills with a strong project management focus to successfully deliver projects that require specialist hydrology, geological and hydro-ecological input, across a wide range of sectors.

BRANT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED offers a comprehensive range of hydrology and hydrogeology services. Our clients can choose from an integrated service approach or one of our specialist services that can seamlessly feed into their project, whatever its current lifecycle stage, including:

  • Residential and industrial borehole drilling and installation
  • Environmental borehole drilling (observation and monitoring boreholes)
  • In-situ coring and slabbing of cored samples
  • Measurement of groundwater table
  • Geophysical surveys (resistivity, seismic refraction, well logging)
  • Determination of groundwater direction
  • Aquifer flushing, pump test and borehole data logging services
  • Groundwater sustainability assessment
  • Groundwater salinization and coastal management
  • Groundwater characterization
  • Hydrogeochemical analysis
  • Aquifer vulnerability, hazard and risk of groundwater contamination
  • Assessment of water quality for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes.
  • Hydrogeological investigation for design of mini hydro power plants
  • Exploitation of groundwater for bottling
  • Planning Water Budget
  • Surface and groundwater quality monitoring